The Finest Lubricants

Metatron products division offers the finest lubricants and greases market with quality.
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Specialized Lubricants And Greases

Metatron provide the finest products on the market with quality and physical properties for better performance and greater productivity
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Technological Improvements

Metatron specialized lubricants are manufactured under the standards and advanced technologies on the market.
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Environmental Care

Metatron recognizes its uncompromising commitment to environmental protection
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Quality Management Systems

The prestige and success of Metatron ™ products in all branches of industry, is backed by strict quality control systems are subjected to and audited by the ISO 9001/2000.
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Metatron Throughout The Industry

In the small and medium industries, in refineries, nuclear plants, assembly plants in the interior of a ship or an oil rig, Metatron ®, the finest lubricants, maintains and improves the performance of machinery and equipment operation.
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Metatron American origin leading company in LUBRICANTS FOR INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE. It offers products whose manufacture incorporates the latest technology with the finest components..

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The growth of our company is based on the variety of products offered to the market with which the customer needs are covered in a multitude of applications, such as fats, concentrates, anti-size products, sealants, lubricating oils.

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We make the difference:

The Metatron® products provides the greatest advantages and benefits:

  • Support at higher temperatures
  • to extreme pressure
  • At very high speeds bearing
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